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ISF and the Uruguayan National Organizing Committee invite you to join us in Punta del Este, Uruguay from 15 to 18 May 2016.

The International Seed Federation together with the Uruguayan Seed Chamber (CUS) and the Uruguayan Plant Breeders Association (URUPOV) will be organizing the ISF World Seed Congress 2016 in Uruguay.
In South America, between Argentina and Brazil, strategically located on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Plate, Uruguay is a major player in import/exports of goods in the whole region.
The country is renowned for the excellent natural pastures and it´s gentle landscape with plenty of rivers and streams, temperate climate and the beauty of its beaches. A “new” country, almost 200 years since Independence (1825), growing and developing, recognized for the quality and hospitality of their people.
In recent years Uruguay has increased the area of sustainable agriculture (soybeans, rice, wheat, corn, barley, sorghum), with a unique and innovative soil conservation plan. Forestry and livestock (dairy, beef and sheep) are recognized worldwide for their quality and natural production systems.
The Congress will take place in Punta del Este, the pearl of Latin America, located over the Atlantic Ocean which embraces oceanic beaches and magical sunsets.
You will have the chance to taste a delightful asado served with Uruguayans finest wines like the world famous Tannat. The Economist named Uruguay as the modern country with rich history and a bright future “Country of the year 2013”.
We kindly invite you to Punta del Este to share the “natural way forward in business and life”.
Pablo Civetta 
Chair of the National Organizing Committee


As the International Seed Federation’s first South American President I am extremely proud to invite you to the 67th ISF World Seed Congress. 

The 2016 Congress will be hosted by Uruguay, a vibrant country situated at the gateway of the Mercosur which exists to promote free trade. Interestingly, part of ISF’s mission is to create the best environment for the global movement of seed. 
The ISF World Seed Congress brings together a diverse cross-section of people from across the seed sector and from around the globe who share a common purpose, pride and passion.
I believe we share an understanding of the challenges presented by population growth, climate change and food security. I also believe that we share a commitment to finding solutions through our wealth of knowledge and insight. The ISF World Seed Congress provides a unique forum for us to do exactly this. 
The agenda for World Seed Congress is driven by international issues. For the first time, the 2016 Congress will incorporate a regional focus – ‘Spotlight on South America’ – which will get to the heart of issues specific to this region.
I look forward to welcoming you to this spectacular congress in this unique country at this critical time in the seed industry’s history.
Alvaro Eyzaguirre 
International Seed Federation
See you in Punta del Este!

The natural way forward in business & life

The natural way forward in business & life is the event slogan and theme to inspire communication and activities during the ISF World Seed Congress 2016 in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Nature is an essential part of Uruguay’s identity. The country landscape features mostly rolling plains and low hill ranges with a fertile lowland carved with a complex network of rivers and streams. Pure water, national parks, diverse and abundant flora and a pleasant climate pattern which is temperate and uniform. The Atlantic coastline with dunes, lagoons and perfect surf and fishing.

Uruguayans are liberal, relaxed and friendly people who enjoy stability, security and quality of living. They delight in showing their homeland, passions and traditions. 

Land, people, soul, spirit, traditions, food, it’s all about nature!
Nature is all here! Uruguay is where something natural happens every day!
We look forward to your participation.

Agriculture in Uruguay

The geography of Uruguay makes the nation well suited to agriculture. As a result, much of the countryside (90%) is used for agriculture goods like grain, beef, milk, wool, wood and citrus, giving Uruguay an important status as a South American country and global exporter of agriculture goods. 

Agriculture represents more than 8% of Uruguay’s GDP and 75% of the Country’s total exports are agricultural products. Its main trading partners are its fellow Mercosur members, China, the United States and European Union. Some other Asian countries have grown in importance over the last few years.
Close to 90% of the land in Uruguay is suitable for agricultural production. In 2014, the total area of land under cultivation amounted to three million hectares with soybean, wheat, rice, corn and sorghum as major crops. 85% percent of the land is devoted to natural and improved pasture-based stock rearing. 

Uruguay has a predictable regulatory process; ranks 10th among countries in the number of hectares planted with biotech varieties, is a global leader in Plant Variety Protection, and maintains a strong enforcement system in the seed industry. These combined traits create good business opportunities for counter season production for foreign companies.




Opening Ceremony
Date: Sunday 15 May 2016
Time: 18:00h - 20:00h 
Venue: Conrad Punta del Este Ballroom
Dress code: Business

A formal and a warm welcome to all attendees and guests of ISF World Seed Congress 2016 will take place at Conrad Punta del Este Ballroom.
A welcome drink will follow in the foyer area. Then delegates have the choice to enjoy dine around at local restaurants on their own. 

Welcome Party
Date: Monday 16 May 2016
Time: to be advised
Venue: to be advised
Dress code: Business Casual

A fun and informal get-together to enjoy local culture and network opportunities.

Gala Dinner
Date: Wednesday 18 May 2016
Time: to be advised
Venue: Conrad Punta del Este Ballroom
Dress code: Black-Tie / Business suit

A formal event to celebrate defining moments with elegance and rhythm.